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Kobe Bryant Says That He Would Protest the National Anthem if He Were Still Playing

Kobe Bryant hasn’t said too much about anything but basketball, since retiring from the game in 2016. However, that all changed when he sat down for an interview with ESPN. Bryant recently spoke with former SportsCenter and current Undefeated writer, Jemele Hill. Bryant told Hill that he would have protested the anthem if he were still playing. “Yeah, I would have participated in it, for sure,” Bryant said. “I’m sure I would have gotten some flak for it. That’s fine. I think that Colin’s message was a very simple one….

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NBA Legend Kobe Bryant Has Some Harsh Words for Lonzo Ball: ‘He Needs to…’

Kobe Bryant never hesitated to take shots while on the field. If you have any doubts just look at box scores from Bryant’s last few seasons as a professional player. But the Black Mamba doesn’t hesitate to express his opinions as well, even if it means he’ll infuriate others. This week he appeared on the “Connected With” talk show hosted by Chris McGee. And as expected the discussion about the Lakers easily turned to a discussion about rookie Lonzo Ball. “He needs to get better now,” Bryant stated. Lonzo Ball…

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Kobe Bryant Reveals What He Would Do About the National Anthem If He Was Still Playing

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was always the one to attract drama. He was one of ‘the great ones’ in his sports, which naturally comes with plenty of drama- from his infamous Shaquille O’Neal brawl to his personal turbulent lifestyle, to his record-breaking basketball career. His personal life was nothing short of a telenovela, especially after he faced sexual assault charges. He was the one to watch, for sure. Bryant was eventually acquitted of charges in the case. Given his background, it would be odd if Kobe didn’t partake in one of…

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