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Will Donald Trump Be Remembered As One Of The Greatest Presidents In Our Lifetime?

Robert Kennedy Jr dropped a Trump bombshell live on CNN, saying that Donald Trump could be “the greatest president in history.“ To liberals, there is nothing worse than if a liberal says that President Donald Trump is not a bad guy. Unless they do it live on CNN. And that liberal happens to be a Kennedy. Don Lemon started by asking Robert Kennedy Jr how he felt about comparisons between the Trump family and the Kennedys. Of course Lemon assumed that RFK Jr would shoot that line of thinking down. Lemon wasn’t prepared…

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President Donald Trump Just Showed His Support For The NFL Boycott

American patriots are eager to boycott the disrespectful players who protest the anthem. And now they got a pleasant surprise form President Trump who showed his support. Trump re-tweeted one user’s message about working together to boycott NFL. “You can boycott our anthem WE CAN BOYCOTT YOU!” said the tweet. It seems President Trump wanted to support the people to take down the unpatriotic demonstration of disrespect to our flag and anthem. 20h DONNA WARREN  @DonnaWR8 Replying to @DonnaWR8 @realDonaldTrump These entitled babies need to see what real life is like….

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