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Scenes of Chaos From Manhattan Terror Attack Caught on Snapchat [VIDEO]

Scenes of chaos and panic from the Manhattan terror attack were captured on Snapchat map.

Witnesses posted dramatic videos after six people were killed and nine others injured when a van mowed down pedestrians and cyclists near the World Trade Center.

Footage shows people fleeing from the scene as sirens dash towards Chambers Street.

One person said: ‘It’s a disaster out there.

People got hit. A terrorist act.’ Another caught the aftermath of the police shooting in which one suspect was injured. A caption read: ‘Cop just shot down a shooter.’

The incident is being treated as a terrorist attack, reports Reuters.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said the van struck people on a bike path a few blocks north of Chambers Street.

It continued south, striking another vehicle before the suspect got out and ‘displaying imitation firearms’. He was shot by police and taken into custody.

One witness said: ‘I heard a loud bang — the front of the car was totaled at that point and the guy coming out of the truck was injured.

‘That said, I head that there was a gun involved “oh he’s got a gun” and everyone was running, I peeled it and I called the police.’

A spokesperson for the NYPD warned people to stay away from the Chambers Street and West Street area of the city while an investigation takes place.

‘Expect many emergency personnel in the area,’ added the spokesperson.

No one else is wanted in connection to the incident.



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