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Lisa Bloom Apologizes for Advising Harvey Weinstein, Says She’s ‘Mortified’ She Ever Did

While appearing on “The View” on Friday, attorney Lisa Bloom said she regretted ever advising Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

“I very much regret ever being involved in this,” Bloom said of the controversy surrounding Weinstein. “I’m mortified that I was connected with him in any way.”

Bloom got a lot of backlash after representing Weinstein amid multiple allegations he sexually harassed women. Shortly after allegations of rape surfaced against Weinstein, Bloom resigned from her position advising him.

In response to people who expressed disappointment in her decision to help Weinstein, Bloom apologized. “I’m very, very sorry,” Bloom said.

Because of confidentiality laws, Bloom said she couldn’t reveal the specific reason for her resignation. Nor could she give any detail about her alleged investigation into actress Rose McGowan.

Bloom did say, however, she did not go looking for “dirt” on McGowan.

Watch Bloom make those comments below, via ABC.



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