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Updates: ISIS Responsible For Mass Slaughtering Leaving 305 Dead

I am convinced that ISIS is truly evil incarnate.

The savage evil of these jihadists truly knows no bounds. As I read the accounts of what happened yesterday, I am more convinced than ever that they must be entirely exterminated.

This is not human evil. These monsters lost any shred of humanity they had long ago.

It has been confirmed that the gunmen who savagely slaughtered 305 people in Egypt were indeed members of ISIS.

The terrorists who slaughtered 305 people at a mosque in Egypt yesterday were carrying an ISIS flag and wearing masks, it has been revealed.

Around thirty gunmen created an arena of death around the holy house by blocking off escape routes with burnt-out cars before gunning down the penned-in worshippers in a 20-minute massacre.

The public prosecutor’s office said today the gunmen, wearing masks and military-style uniforms, surrounded blocked windows and a doorway before setting off a bomb and opening fire with automatic rifles.

This is the worst incident of Radical Islamic Terrorism in Egypt’s history.. and as you can imagine, that’s saying a lot.

‘They numbered between 25 and 30, carrying the Daesh flag and took up positions in front of the mosque door and its 12 windows with automatic rifles,’ the statement explained, using an Arabic term for ISIS.

In the meticulously planned attack – the worst Islamist atrocity in Egypt’s modern history – the murderers reportedly gunned down civilians while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’, causing them to stampede and jump out of windows to escape.

But when the worshippers – many of whom were Sufis, a mystical Islamic sect despised by Sunni jihadists – fled, they were caught in the trap and massacred.

Twenty-seven children were among the innocents gunned down and blown up.

At least 128 were also hurt during the horrifying bloodshed, according to the state news agency.

While the terrorist fled the scene, they were later killed by Egyptian warplanes.

The murderers then fled the Al-Rawdah mosque – in Bir al-Abed, near El-Arish on the Sinai Peninsula – before being blown up hours later by Egyptian warplanes.

A statement by chief prosecutor Nabil Sadeq said the attackers arrived at the mosque in five all-terrain vehicles and positioned themselves at the main door and the facility’s 12 windows before opening fire.

They also torched seven cars parked outside the mosque, which belonged to worshippers inside.

Photos of the scenes inside do little to show the massive extent of the devastation:

First they attacked the Jews. Then they attacked Christians and Yazidis. Then Sunnis attacked Shias and vice versa. Now Sunnis attack other kind of Sunnis (Sufi) in  . A Middle East with no room for Jews, is a M.E. with no room for humanity.

View image on Twitter

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The  mosque attacked by terrorists in Egypt was a Sufi mosque, and Sufi Muslims are perpetually targeted by extremists

235 killed, 109 injured in attack. Prayers for Egypt.

Egypt mosque attack latest:

– Death toll in El-Arish passes 300
– Egypt says warplanes struck vehicles used in the attack
– Land border between Egypt and Gaza Strip remains closed https://bloom.bg/2jZwqyr 

Prayers for Egypt, and prayers that the world may soon find peace.

There will be no peace until ISIS is wiped off the face of the earth.


Source: http://consfighters.com

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