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Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein’s Emails Leaked – and They’re Every Bit as Gross as You’d Think

Hillary Clinton proudly stated she will not return the money from billionaire and sexual predator Harry Weinstein given to her precious Foundation. Of course, there is a logical reason for it.

As we learned, aside from the fact that Hillary and Weinstein are very close, there was a recent release of emails between the two from the time she served as Secretary of State.

There was also a letter from August 2010 sent to Clinton’s assistant, Capricia Marshall, in which Weinstein is trying to reestablish the lost connection with Clinton herself.

“As time moves on, I realize I haven’t seen you and Mrs. Clinton (Hillary) in a long time, but I think of you both often,” Weinstein wrote. “I don’t know if movie producers are still worthy in your world, but next time you’re in NYC I’d love to see you.”

Weinstein carries on and recalls the time he and Hillary watched ‘Shakespeare in Love’ together, and even promoted ‘The King’s Speech’ before it aired.

“It’s a fun movie that is much in the tradition of Shakespeare in Love. Again I think you would both like it (and Hillary would approve because it’s PG-13 with not too many swear words),” he wrote.

“Your bad friend, Harvey,” the letter was wittily signed.

Hillary couldn’t have been more thrilled about this, telling her assistant to write the following: “That is so sweet. So pls let him know I not only want the movies, including The Tillman Story) but I’ve heard about some of his other projects from Jamie Patricof (Company Men, Blue Valentine) that also sound great.”

Then came an email from June 2012, where Weinstein asked for a copy of an interview that he and Hillary did together with former President Bill Clinton, after attending the Piers Morgan’s CNN show.

“Do you think calling Secretary Clinton the greatest Secretary of State of all time shows just a touch of my bias? Pres. Clinton is incredible. I hope our current president, who is as busy as can be, gets to see it,” Weinstein wrote. he also mentioned that he managed to undermine Mitt Romney  Donald Trump’s images in the segment.

“I did my best to flatten Romney in a cool kind of way, and talked about how Donald Trump was uncool was the least I could do,” he wrote.


Soon came 2013, when Weinstein sent another email to Hillary, wondering if there was “anything” he could do for her. The letter also ended with“Pls respond.”


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