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At Least 6 Dead, Multiple People Injured in Shooting and Truck Ramming in New York City

Six people have been killed by a truck driver who mowed them down on a bike path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday.

The driver made his way from Houston Street down towards Tribeca where he mounted the bike path on the West Side Highway shortly after 3pm.

After striking several cyclists and runners, he came to a stop when his truck crashed into a school bus beneath the Tribeca bridge.

The man then emerged with a gun in his hand and was shot in the leg by police, senior police sources told CNN.
He survived and was taken to hospital but at least six innocent people were killed and others are injured.

At least one officer has been shot and is expected to make a recovery. The details of other injuries are not known.
Singer Josh Groban also tweeted after hearing ‘gun shots’ while out walking his dog.

‘Oh my god I just heard gun shots and ran with my dog. Downtown. F***,’ he said.

Others ran for their lives as they watched the truck plow into pedestrians after veering off the road.

Shocking video footage from the scene showed cyclists lying on the ground with their bikes smashed in to pieces around them. By-passers were seen tending to them as they awaited medical attention.

Within minutes of the first reports, there was an enormous police and fire service presence at the site.

Ezequiel Gonzalez, 18, a speech coach at Stuyvesant High School, told at the scene: ‘I heard what sounded like gas caskets and I went up on the bridge and saw a car caved in. Then I was pushed back and saw the ambulances arriving. The school was put on lockdown.

John Williams, 22, of told he was there around 30 seconds after the gun shot: ,I saw one man lying on the ground being looked after by paramedics and cops, another man getting arrested and what seemed like another man running towards the Hudson River.

‘I came out and saw a man holding two guns. I could still smell the gun fire. It was a very strong scent. I was concerned for the safety of everyone because there was someone walking around with a gun.’



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