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Andrea Mitchell Loses It: Says Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Is Secret Plan to Help Roy Moore Win

President Trump announced that he recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and MSM will tell you it’s all Alabama voters’ fault.

A fantastic debate between Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews shows many insights.

“The intricacies of middle negotiations and the president is saying to the people of Israel, here it is, we’re giving you the end result,” Matthews said on “Hardball” Wednesday.

Mitchell quickly took Matthews side and criticized President Trump, saying the president rewarded Israel “for nothing.”

“Exactly. And what does he get for it? It’s not as though Israel has made concessions on settlements, stopped expanding into Palestinian areas. This is the prize at the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold for people delivering on their willingness to compromise and come up with a peace deal. And yet he’s giving it to Israel for nothing,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell then shifted the debate to something that was on her mind.

“And one has to assume it has a lot to do with domestic politics. Namely Alabama. This is an enormously powerful incentive,” Mitchell said.

“It is what the evangelicals, especially down in Alabama and other parts of the country, the religious right wanted to hear.”

What she basically said is that President Trump fulfilled his campaign promise with wide implications involving one America’s greatest allies to increase support in the special election for his candidate.

And if Mitchell’s lame attempt to connect the Jerusalem decision with Alabama election wasn’t proving how much the media is unbalanced, later in the show Matthews agreed with Trump that border walls are a great idea.

“We’re much more vulnerable than Israel, we don’t have a wall,” Matthews said. He also said that U.S. troops, diplomats, and tourists are in great danger because of Trump.

The Alabama election has been on Mitchell’s mind after the polls revealed that Roy Moore can still win the U.S. Senate seat despite the sexual assault allegations against him.

Andrea Mitchell


.@rickwtyler: Whats troubling to me is that voters of Alabama would send someone like Roy Moore to US Senate, and that voters of Minnesota would reelect Franken–but thats the process we’re in. I don’t know how to reconcile it any other way, because neither is a criminal complaint

Mitchell’s bizarre Alabama/Jerusalem connection idea was echoed on Morning Joe Wednesday as well.

“Don’t think this isn’t related to Alabama,” Matthews said. “It’s the Christian Evangelicals down there, with their crazy ideas about Israel… I don’t know, it’s mythical.”

For a change, Fox News’ Brit Hume pointed out that the Jerusalem has been considered Israel’s capital by law for 22 years. And Conservative Trump critic Ben Shapiro praised his decision calling it an act of “political bravery and moral courage.”

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